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Helen Fleischer

Content Strategist, Amilia

"With Fab's training and coaching, we found ways to work around my resource limitations to segment my lists and create subject lines that resonated with our audience. My open rates increased by 311%"

How good would you be if you started using HubSpot in 2012?

Validate a strategy or approach, get feedback, brainstorm, ideate or get answers about:

  • If you should get HubSpot
  • RevOps + HubSpot
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead scoring
  • Sales sequences
  • Workflows
  • Chatflows & live chats
  • Personalized content
  • Meetings
  • Templates & snippets...

...and anything else HubSpot, sales or marketing-related.

Thom Robbins

Marketing Director, Intrepid Learning

"Thanks, Fab, with your support and help, we’ve been able to optimize our lead scoring and really develop our marketing strategies using HubSpot"

Kelsea Gust

Marketing Director, WRK

"Thanks for guiding our sales and marketing automation with HubSpot. This has been a HUGE help."

Mark Goren

Marketing, SDVoE Alliance

"Thanks, Fab, onboarding HubSpot with you has been a pleasant experience."


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Risk-free, moneyback guarantee: If you aren't satisfied with the conversation, I'll reimburse you. No ifs, buts or whys.*

* "HubSpot can't do that" IS a valid answer 😀

It started on May 23, 2019...

Most users aren't completely certain of how to execute all that they would like.

Yes - HubSpot's easy to use, but most day-to-day users still face one of two problems:

  • It takes time to work through scenarios and test the process. Time which most don't have.
  • There's a strong strategic component that

That's why I started this initiative - to give HubSpot users (and those considering HubSpot) a place where they can ask questions, validate ideas, understand concept and think through needs and wants.

After years of going back and forth between freelance consulting and full-time employment (sometimes both at the same time), I finally jumped...

I was going to help B2B companies get better sales and marketing results ON MY OWN.

While most of my work is long-term, I'm now fully realizing my dream of helping as many HubSpotters out as possible

I'd love to talk to you soon!

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